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Pittatore-Vaneycken. The regenerators. A table for discussion en plein air.

By KH, 19 Ottobre 2012

Wednesday 24th October 2012
Piazza della Repubblica (TO)
Within the activities of the first edition of the artist residence viadellafucina, Kaninchenhaus artist-run organization is happy to present the first public intervention of the couple of artists: Irene Pittatore and Annelies Vaneycken.
The performative intervention of Irene and Annalies consists in setting up a round table in the middle of Piazza della Repubbica, where a debate about art and urban requalification strategies on the district takes place. The square, which is center of many business activities, can take back its role of place for the cultural debate, as the ancient agorà.
The two artists will coordinate the talk/action. The art critics and curators Lisa Parola and Luisa Perlo (a.titolo), Giovanni Semi and Alberto Vanolo (Sociology and Geography professors at the University of Torino), a journalist, a representative of Compagnia di San Paolo (the foundation which published the call for proposals Generazione Creativa), as well as other experts of creativity and  urban requalification processes will partecipate at the round table.
Which kind of artworks do the inhabitants/institutions/artists want/need/expect for the neighborhood of Porta Palazzo in Turin?
The round table is open to inhabitants, institutions, artists: everybody can propose topics for the debate or ask, provided that he/she walks through the frame/border in which the action takes place. The round table is on one side a moment of public debate, on the other it is a work of art itself. Ironically the round table will be enclosed by a frame drown on the floor with a caption.
Cultural mediators with name tag will invite the public to participate to the talk, they’ll hand out (free) admission ticket too and explain the work.
The action will be documented, and the material will be showed at the exhibition, opening on the 9th November 2012, in Via Agostino 17.
The artists Irene Pittatore and Annelies Vaneycken want to investigate and question the role, the responsibilities, the connections between population and institutions, which propose the requalification strategies in the neighborhood.
Using the name “regenerators”, with commitment and with irony, they’ll undergo a process of dialogue, and then give back a formal outcome of the research.
The thinking about the role of the monument today and about the possibility of leaving a permanent trace on the public space of the district is part of the project.
viadellafucina A.I.R.
Conceived by an artists for other artists, viadellafucina A.I.R. is the first artist-in-residency program located in the heart of the city and created with the intent to activate collaboration processes between artists from Turin and ‚Äúforeign‚ÄĚ artists, in order to develop artistic projects concerning the area of Porta Palazzo.
Through practical integration devices, designed to make the experience of residence fruitful for both guests and for local artists, viadellafucina also encourages collaboration between artists and companies in the production of works of art as well as the involvement of local people.
Kaninchen-Haus hopes to activate a mechanism that favors not only the arrival and stay of new artists in the territory but also the local community, often left unconsidered by institutions. The ideals of solidarity and brotherhood among artists are at the foundation of the project, which aims to encourage the spirit of collaboration and overcome the traditional egotism.
The historical area of Porta Palazzo defines the headquarters of the residence.¬†Porta Palazzo ‚Äď the largest open market in Europe, the point of reception in the city‚Äôs history of multiple migration waves ‚Äď will provide not only the platform where artists can live and work, but will also be the thematic center of their interventions, to be developed through completion of works inspired by history or places of the district, site-specific projects which engage the population, etc…
viadellafucina A.I.R. – year #1
¬† artist residency programme ‚Äď 1st edition ‚Äď 2012 a project by¬†Kaninchen-Haus form an idea by Brice Coniglio within the programme Generazione Creativa by Compagnia di San Paolo resident-curator Nicoletta Daldanise artists in residence: Maurizio Cilli (Torino, 1963) – Mary Zygouri (Grecia, 1973) Alessandro Gioiello (Torino, 1982) – Liliya Lifanova (Kyrgyzstan/USA, 1983) Irene Pittatore (Torino, 1979)- Annelies Vaneycken (Belgio, 1976) selection committee: Lorenzo Balbi (curator), Bruno Barsanti¬†(independent curator), Francesca Bertolotti (Artissima curator), Alvise Chevallard¬†(artegiovane president), Claudio Cravero (PAV Parco ArteVivente curator), Cecilia Guiglia¬†(in charge of Fuoridipalazzo association), Luisa Perlo (curator, a.titolo), Raffaella Spagna¬†(artist). partners: a.titolo, Artegiovane, PAV Parco Arte Vivente, TAG Turin Art Galleries, Fuoridipalazzo, The Gate, Paralleli Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord-Ovest,¬†Pi√Ļconzero and with the patronage of: Gai Giovani Artisti Italiani, Regione Piemonte, Comune di Torino, Circoscrizione 7 Aurora Vanchiglia Sassi Madonna del Pilone
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