viadellafucina16 condominio-museo

viadellafucina16 condominium-museum

By KH, 24 Maggio 2017

viadellafucina16 condominium-museum

In Turin, the first international experiment of a condominium-museum

curated by Kaninchen-Haus
based on an idea by Brice Coniglio

Kaninchen-Haus artist-run organization is glad to announce the new international artist-in-residence programĀ viadellafucina16, which will give life to the first art collection in the world hosted by a condominium. It is an experiment of urban regeneration and collective transformation through the power of art and beauty.

viadellafucina16 is a new artist-in-residence program which will take place in a condominium in the heart of the historical district of Porta Palazzo in Turin, Italy.Ā Through an international open call, open to multidisciplinary proposals, artists will be invited to spend a residency period in a 19th-century building, that for thirty years had been abandoned in a state of decline.Ā During the residency, selected artists will have the power to realize their artworks in the shared spaces of the condominium, with the purpose of promoting the building’s development and of activating a dialogue among the different communities (and cultures) that inhabit it. Winning projects will be selected by the tenants of the condominium (over 200 people of various nationalities, living in 53 apartments) mediated by a board of curators and insiders. Selected proposals will have to involve the community of the building and of the district in the design and realization of the artworks, to interpret the inhabitants’ desires, to activate new and durable forms of sociality and collective care of the shared spaces.
The condominium – a place where we experience the first form of democracy as well as the intersection point between the private and the public dominium – opens itself to the artistic practice as an element of aesthetic, social and cultural regeneration. As ancient buildingsĀ used to represent the prestige of the nobles families through the work of artists, the condominium-museum will become a symbolic place for the community to represent itself.

The place will always remain visible and open to citizens, and it will define the first international condominium-museum experiment.
The old gatehouse of this building – reopened and chaired by a team of young sociologists and anthropologists from the University of Turin – will be turned into an ā€œart gatehouseā€ to receive the visitors and to gather the desires of the inhabitants.
The program will be enriched by exhibitions, events, and talks organized by IdiĆ²t, the new independent art gallery whose name is a tribute to the famous Dostoevskijā€™s novel The Idiot – The same novel includes the famous quote ā€˜Beauty will save the worldā€™-. In addition to that, it will be activated a tourist accommodation service and a workshop, Fucina16, managed by artists from Turin inside the shared garden.
The whole project will be studied and monitored by a group of young sociologists and anthropologists from the University of Turin, in order to make it replicable as a model.
viadellafucina16 will constitute an innovative connection between the artistic practice and the living fabric of a defined community. By actively experimenting in a small context, viadellafucina16 aims to prove how art and culture can become powerful tools to solve social conflicts and lead to a collective transformation.

Residencies will take place from July to December
DEADLINE: June 25th

viadellafucina16 is a project by Kaninchen-Haus.
It is implemented with the support of SIAE and MiBact, under the “Sillumina Copia privata per i giovani e la cultura”
and Ā of Ā Programma Housing di Compagnia di San Paolo under the call “Abitare una casa, vivere un luogo”.

With the Patronage of the City of Turin and GAI – Association for the circuit of the young Italian Artists.
The Partners are the Department of Culture of the City of Turin, the Education Department of Castello di Rivoli Museo dā€™Arte Contemporanea, the Department Of Cultures, Politics and Society of The University of Turin, a.titoloĀ , Liberitutti, The Gate Porta Palazzo.
The program will involve as well several companies in order to support the artistsā€™ projects.


  1. Eligibility
    Main Section (under35)

    The main section of this announcement is reserved for non-resident artists in Turin born after November 15, 1981.
    The Artists selected in this category will be entitled to:
    a) accommodation in the condominium-museum and insurance coverage
    b) budget to cover the costs related to the production of the work (materials and equipment) which will be defined by the organization (up to a ceiling of 1500 euros) on the basis of each project.
    c) refund for travel expenses (up to a ceiling defined by distance) and meals (up to a weekly ceiling)
    d) technical assistance in the realization of the project
    e) tutoring and curatorship
    f) studio visits programme with local institutions, curators, gallerists, art collectors and other artists
    g) the organization of workshops, exhibitions and collateral events which engage the local community
    The ā€œMentoresā€ category is dedicated to the artists born before November 15, 1981 and/or to the artists of any age who already live in Turin who have significant proposals in relation to goals of the program.
    This section benefits of restricted economic resources instead of the main section. Therefore it can host those artists who want to take spontaneously part to the construction of the condominium-museum or who can benefit of grants or private sponsorship or who simply mean to donate an artwork of theirs.Ā Kaninchen-Haus can ensure, for these artists coming from outside, an accommodation and, on the basis of available resources, the coverage of the costs for the production of a new work (materials and equipment), taking individual agreements with the single applicant.Ā Kaninchen-Haus reserves the right to invite the artist belonging to this category to participate to this program as a tutor.
  2. Period and duration
    The program runs from July to December 2017. The duration of individual residencies can vary from one to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the project to be realized. A longer stay period may be considered exceptionally at the request of the candidate. Artists selected for the under35 category will be at least four.
  3. Types of interventions and usable spaces
    It is possible to propose any kind of intervention to be carried out in the common spaces of the condominium-museum, as well as operations that can involve the community of the stable and the neighborhood and that can transform the relations between its inhabitants. By way of example it is possible to organize pictorial, graphic, lightning, interactive, audio or video installations, performances, cinematographic works, outside works (garden), relational and/or participatory works that can provide, from the assumption, of being able to be developed and modified on the basis of a living relationship with the context and the community.
    At the disposal of the artists, there are all the common spaces inside the stable and in particular: the entrance door; the hall; the garden; the terrace; the lodge and the residence spaces; the five floors stairs. There are no interventions to be made on the facade. (see theĀ PHOTOGALLERY)
  4. Selection Criteria Ā 
    The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of quality, originality, aesthetic value and on the ability to enter into dialogue with the heterogeneous community of the building and of the neighborhood, in order to interpret their different sensitivities. Art and beauty become, through the mediation of guest artists, a vehicle for the activation of new forms of sociality, care and sharing. The curriculum and the personality of the candidates will be evaluated to identify the predisposition to realize projects that can relate genuinely to a community.
  5. Jury
    The selection of winning projects will take place in two phases. The first will be established by a Scientific Committee appointed by the organization and made up of partners and prominent personalities of the contemporary art world (the names of the members will be announced only after the closing of the call). The final selection will be defined by the residents of the condominium-museum, in an assembly session, with the mediation of one or more members of the Scientific Committee.
  6. Modes of participation and deadlines
    No application fee. Artists can only apply online, by filling out the application form they will receive via e-mail after the registration. It will be asked to send: description of the project, accompanied by drafts or preparatory drawings; operating modes of community involvement; curriculum and statement; portfolio; indication of techniques and materials and a forecast of the production budget; possible co-funding implementation for the realization of the project (grants, scholarships, sponsorships, etc.)

Application form will be sent to applicants via e-mail after registration.Ā 
Deadline for application: Ā June 25th h 16.16 (Italian time zone)

The winners will be privately contacted and, subsequently, announced on the site and via a press conference.
The management reserves the right to organize videoconference talks with the applicants.


For more information, just use the comment module at the bottom of this page.


  1. charushree AMAR ha detto:

    Can I apply for 2018? i fond the concept very interesting and in sync with my working module. wish to book a spot for myself in the month of October/November. there are no other contact details mentioned for me to send my proposal.

  2. anass ha detto:

    hey there… can i know when the list of admitted names will be released ?

  3. Lorena ha detto:

    Hi, I am trying to upload my application form but i donĀ“t see where to do so. I just got to the link as it says in the form but still I am not able to see where to upload it.

  4. KH ha detto:

    Important! In a few hours it will not be possible registering for the open call any more. Btw, for the ones who registered in latest hours, we will accept applications which will arrive with a reasonable late.

  5. Hi,

    You mention that there is no intervention to be made in the outside facade. Does that includes the outside of wooden blinds and glass windows? Could we do something on the inside of the window that would be meant to be seen from outside?

    thank you!


    • KH ha detto:

      HI Esmeralda. That sounds like a nice idea. Btw you have to consider that the windows belong to the various tenants and owners of the many flats which are in the building. That would mean that, if selected, you/we will have to convince them one by one to host your project. We wait for your application!

  6. Lorena ha detto:

    Also since the deadline is the 25th, I would like to know if you still will be receiving the forms the 25th itself, or we have to send our material only untill de 24th.

  7. Lorena ha detto:

    Hi, I have registered and recieved the application form. As I am a performer, I have not done “exhibitions”, so, I would like to know if I could leave empty the “exhibitions” section of the “artistic profile”. Also, since I do not have a portfolio, I would like to know if I sould make one.
    All my artistic practice goes around preformance, theatre, dance, and lately, urban art with deep social significance and human encounter, which is whay this residency looks so appealing to me.
    IĀ“m looking foward to your answer,
    bests regards,
    Lorena Fabre Camy.

    • KH ha detto:

      The more informations we have the better we can evaluate your project but you can fulfill the form as you prefer. All the best until soon!

  8. Soufiane SENTISSI ha detto:

    Hi! I need to ask some questions if you allow me to!
    1 – Do you accept shortfilm ideas and filmmakers.
    If yes.
    2 – What was this condo-museum before and are you in touch with people that lives in it before?
    3 – Can we propose an advertising touching fiction story for creating a relationship with young people and make them recognize them self in this beautiful patrimoine?
    4 – how do you visualize the condo-museum in the futur?

    Thank you and sorry if this is to much of questions

  9. mor ha detto:

    why is there age limit? any way to apply anyhow?

  10. Raquel S Palis ha detto:

    Hi There!

    I possible apply with collective or duo?

    Thank you!

  11. Patu ha detto:

    Hello, I’m an comic author and artist. Are you open to this kind of visual art?
    thank you in advice.

  12. dalia h ha detto:

    I think it is important to know more details about the museum previously to know if our projects are appropriate to apply or not

    • KH ha detto:

      we can’t understand your question. viadellafucina16 is not a museum, it will be a condo-museum. Please specify which details you need to know. Cheers.

  13. Nazih Own ha detto:

    I’m libyan film maker .. How can i apply ?

    • KH ha detto:

      Dear Nazih, you just have to read and follow what is written on this page. If you have any question do not hesitate to write a comment.

  14. Mohamed Aly ha detto:

    can musicians apply?

  15. Zahraa Almubarak ha detto:

    can I register for this program even if my English is kind of weak?

  16. Giorgia ha detto:


  17. Sepideh Behrouzian ha detto:

    Dear Madam/sir
    I am an Iranian artist I’ve read about your residency I am very excited about it and need to know about Companions if are allowed or not?
    would you please let me know if it is possible to apply as duo group for this residency and if it is possible should I receive another application form specified for a duo group?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you
    Thanks and best

    • KH ha detto:

      Dear Sepideh, the call is open only to individual submissions. Unfortunately companions are not admitted. All the best and good luck!

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