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viadellafucina 1st edition. Final show. Opening Friday November 9th.

By KH, 27 Ottobre 2012

via della fucina
Kaninchen-haus presents

viadellafucina 1st edition
Collaborative paths in Porta Palazzo, for a new residency model

within the call for proposal Generazione Creativa of Compagnia di San Paolo

curated by Brice Coniglio (project creator and art director)
and Nicoletta Daldanise (resident-curator)

from 9th November to 31st December 2012

opening 9th November  7 p.m.
K-HOLE via S. Agostino 17, Torino


Maurizio Cilli + Mary Zygouri : G.B.C. – gift beyond charity
Alessandro Gioiello + Liliya Lifanova : Wishbone ballads
Irene Pittatore + Annelies Vaneycken : The Regenerators

Saturday 10th November: extraordinary opening within Notte Bianca dell’Arte, starting at Midnight on Kaninchen-party with performances, concerts, dj-sets.

Kaninchen-haus presents the final show of the residence program viadellafucina A.I.R., hosting the three “solo” shows of the artists’ pairs. They’ve been working in and around the district of Porta Palazzo, getting closer to the local community.

For the occasion a new place is opening to the public: K-HOLE, the brand new independent space for contemporary art, in very center of Torino, in Via S.Agostino 17. In addition to the final show of viadellafucina, from the 9th November to the 31st December 2012, K-HOLE will host several events, concerts and performances. (

viadellafucina A.I.R. is an experimental artists’ residence, based on a innovative and unique format, an idea by Brice Coniglio (Coniglioviola) produced by Kaninchen-haus within the call for proposals Generazione Creativa of Compagnia di San Paolo.¬†To participate in the residence, the artists had to look for a fellow artist and form a pair (an artist from Torino and a foreign artist), and put forward a common project about the district of Porta Palazzo in Torino: the biggest open air market in Europe, confluence of stories and cultures.¬†With the residence program of viadellafucina, Kaninchen-haus contributed to the innovation of the format of the artist-in-residence, activating a mechanism that promotes the arrival and the permanence of new artists in the area, with the central attention given to the community and the local artists.

The three artist pairs, selected by the scientific committee of the first edition, present the outcome of the projects, each of them with their own language and poetics, displayed with site-specific interventions in the K-HOLE space. These are the first results of the artistic research in the reality of the district, reached through collaborative and participative practices.

Maurizio Cilli (Torino, 1963) – Mary Zygouri (Greece, 1973)
G.B.C. – gift beyond charity
with a narrative intervention by Gianluigi Ricuperati

Installation, photography, performance

Inspired by a passage from La giornata di uno scrutatore (the day of a scrutator) by Italo Calvino, set inside the House of the divine Providence of San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo where the artists worked for two months, the project is a reflection about the value of gifts and reciprocity during the time of crisis. The social role of the hospital in its urban context (Borgo Dora and Porta Palazzo) lends an opportunity to think about the concept of solidarity (in a laic way), related to the socio-economic situation of the countries of the artists (Italy and Greece), underlining its importance for a good interpretation of the meaning of democracy itself.

Irene Pittatore (Torino, 1979) – Annelies Vaneycken (Belgium, 1976)
The Regenerators

Video, photography

The artists want to question their own role and¬†responsibility in front and inside the community and the institution, which promoted the interventions of urban re-qualification in the area of Porta Palazzo. Using ironically the term/definition of “regenerators” they undertake a path of critical acquaintance, dialogue and restitution of the different points of view of the research. In the show they’ll have the video documentation and the photos of the action of 24th October in Piazza della Repubblica. The artists set up a round table in the open air square where the market takes place, where experts and citizens could talk about art and re-qualification strategies in the district. Beyond being the place of commercial activities, this action gives the square another ancient role as agor√†: the place for the cultural debate.

Alessandro Gioiello (Torino, 1982) – Liliya Lifanova (Kyrgyzstan/USA, 1983)
Wishbone Ballads

Video, installation, paintings

Inspired by The Song of Justice by Rainer Maria Rilke, the project is a short movie realized with non professional actors: the inhabitants of the district. The artists undertake a dreamy path between old imaginary worlds projected on the reality of the area, to portray the different identities and nuances of the district of Porta Palazzo. It is a poetic journey which crosses the personal experiences and intimate sensations of the two artists, giving the city an unexpected point of view about a precise and well known area.

Press Office
Ilaria Gai  + 39 338 9230234 | Carola Serminato + 39 349 1299250 |


Open from Tue to Sat from 5 p.m. to 12 p.m.
K-HOLE v. S. Agostino 17 (TO) map

For info or appointments
T. +39 011-5229831 / +39  327-8776799

viadellafucina A.I.R.
Generazione Creativa, Compagnia di San Paolo

Brice Coniglio, project creator and art director
Nicoletta Daldanise, resident-curator


a.titolo, artegiovane, PAV Parco Arte Vivente, TAG Torino Art Galleries, Fuoridipalazzo,The Gate, Paralleli Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord-Ovest, Pi√Ļconzero, Riquadrilatero, IAAD, IED.

under the Patronage of

Regione Piemonte, Comune di Torino, Circoscrizione 7, GAI Giovani Artisti Italiani.

Scientific Committee

Lorenzo Balbi (curator), Bruno Barsanti (independent curator), Francesca Bertolotti (curator of Artissima), Alvise Chevallard (president of artegiovane), Claudio Cravero (curator at PAV Parco ArteVivente), Cecilia Guiglia (responsible of the  association of Fuoridipalazzo), Luisa Perlo (curator at a.titolo), Raffaella Spagna (artist).

Technical sponsor

Eco Store, Io Guido car sharing, Multimmagine

Thanks to 

IAAD, IED, srl

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