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viadellafucina 2013 – call for artists and curators

By KH, 29 Aprile 2013

viadellafucina artist in residency
deadline: June 1st, 2013

 Kaninchen-Haus is pleased to announce the new open call for artists and art curators for the second edition of viadellafucina Рtwinning residency international programme.

The programme is carried out thanks to the contribution of the Compagnia San Paolo and Camera di Commercio di Torino, with the Patronage of Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Torino, Comune di Torino and Gai circuit of young italian artists and with the collaboration of a.titolo, artegiovane, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, IAAD Istituto Arte Applicata e Design, PAV Parco Arte Vivente, TAG Turin Art Galleries, The Gate Porta Palazzo committee, Paralleli Istituto EuroMediterraneo del Nord-Ovest. Hospitality will be offered by ReOasi Accomodations.

viadellafucina is an experimental residency, based on an totally inedited concept, designed by artists for artists, and founded on reliable integration devices, aimed to make the experience of residence fruitful both for guests and for the local community.

viadellafucina was born from the will to renovate and enhance the efficency of the artist-in-residency format, in order to foster the integration of the foreign artists in the host territory and to capitalise their transitory presence towards the local community and its various cultural and entrepreneurial articulations.

The programme is inspired by a priciple of solidarity and brotherhood between artists; it will promote their international cooperation, overcoming the stereotype of the artistic production as an exclusively individualistic practice.

The historical area of Porta Palazzo defines the headquarters of the residence. Porta Palazzo ‚Äď the largest open market in Europe, the point of reception in the city‚Äôs history of multiple migration waves ‚Äď will provide not only the platform where artists can live and work, but will also be the thematic center of their interventions, to be developed through completion of works inspired by history or places of the district, site-specific projects, participatory projects involving directly the local community.

1. Twinning

The second edition of the residence will host pairs of artists specifically estabilished in order to attend the open call, willing to work in a joint project related to the Porta Palazzo area. Each pair will be composed of a territorial artist (already working in Turin, independently from his/her nationality) and a extraterritorial artist (not working in Turin). Thanks to the twinning device, the extraterritorial artist will meet a partner with whom to develop a collaboration and some sort of a tutor who will foster the integration with the territory, activating at the same time an peer-to-peer learning process. The artists can define by themselves their mode of collaboration. Also the result of the collaboration will come through a single production made by both artists or in distinct works, as long as it is the fruit of a shared creative process.

2. Curators

Each candidated co-project must contain an agreement with an under 40s curator, that will have to collaborate with the pairs of artists in the elaboration of the co-project. The curator, if not in Turin, will not be required to move to the city during the residency but will still have to follow and support the development of specific project until the final production of the show, also developing a critical text.

3. Fucinato

The device of the FUCINATO, introduced on an experimental basis in this edition, is designed to encourage collaboration between artists and the business world in the implementation of projects, trying to sensitize the world of enterprise about the value of art and craft and of culture as a strategic development tool. Thanks to the fucinato device Kaninchen-Haus will appeal to local companies to support artists’ projects by providing a contribution of technical services for their implementation. Artists candidates may have foreseen, even at application stage, a willingness to collaborate with a specific company in the area.

4. Selection Criteria

Projects will be selected on the basis of the potential interest for the local community and for their ability to provide an inedited and original interpretation of the community itself. More attention will be paid to participatory and/or socially engaged art projects.

5. Scientific committee

The selection committee will be composed of representants of the main local institutions in the contemporary art field, by partner institutions and by artists and associations that are particularly active in the territory. The names of the members will be published only after the results of the selection.

6. Residency period

The residence will take place in two phases: the first period is from July 7 to  August 7 2013. it’s going to be a period of study and research. After an elaboration period, foreigner artists will have the opportunity to come back to Turin in November, in order to work on the final exhibition.

7. Final Exhibition

The final exhibition will be settled up at the K-HOLE, independent exhibition venue managed by Kaninchen-Haus. The opening will be in November 2013, on the same days of the Artissima contemporary art fair and the other events of  Contemporary Torino-Piemonte program.

8. Benefits.

  • a defined budget for the production of artistic projects
  • accommodation at the partner REOASI (only for foreign artists)
  • use of the K-HOLE spaces as a laboratory
  • reimbursement of travel costs, up to a defined ceiling (only for foreign artists)
  • reimbursement of the cost of meals, up to a defined ceiling (even by artists from Turin)
  • for art curators: money prize and expenses reimbursement up to a maximum defined (there is no hospitality)
  • arrangements with restaurant owners and other local services.

The exact amounts of each item of the budget will be notified privately to the winners and may vary  according to the number of the selected  projects. All the relationships between Kaninchen-Haus and the winners of the call will be regulated by contract. Anything not explicitly stated shall be borne by the candidates.

9. Documentation requirements and deadline.

Application form, completely filled and signed by both the artists and the curator
Scan of the ID of all the participants.
Applications must be submitted in PDF format only via email at the address specified on the application form within June 1st (midnight).
Winners will be privately contacted by the association and publicly announced on Kaninchen-Haus website.


Download the application form.

Consult our guide to Porta Palazzo.

For further information or to look for a partner post a comment using the form below.


Important Note: The agreements between the artists pairs, as well as with the curators, have to happen spontaneously. Kaninchen-Haus cannot facilitate the creation of the twinnings. Therefore uncomplete applications, as well as application presented by single artists, will no be taken into account.


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