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viadellafucina A.I.R.

By KH, 18 Febbraio 2012

viadellafucina A.I.R.

artist-in-residency program  Р1st Edition Р2012

a Kaninchen-Haus project

from an idea by Brice Coniglio

within the programme Generazione Creativa by Compagnia di San Paolo

viadellafucina A.I.R. is the first artist-in-residency program located in the heart of the city and created with the intent to activate collaboration processes between artists from Turin and ‚Äúforeign‚ÄĚ artists, in order to develop artistic projects concerning the area of Porta Palazzo.

Through practical integration devices, designed to make the experience of residence fruitful for both guests and for local artists, viadellafucina also encourages collaboration between artists and companies in the production of works of art as well as the involvement of local people.

Kaninchen-Haus hopes to activate a mechanism that favors not only the arrival and stay of new artists in the territory but also the local community, often left unconsidered by institutions. The ideals of solidarity and brotherhood among artists are at the foundation of the project, which aims to encourage the spirit of collaboration and overcome the traditional egotism.

The historical area of Porta Palazzo defines the headquarters of the residence.¬†Porta Palazzo – the largest open market in Europe, the point of reception in the city’s history of multiple migration waves – will provide not only the platform where artists can live and work, but will also be the thematic center of their interventions, to be developed through completion of works inspired by history or places of the district, site-specific projects which engage the population, etc..

The name of the residence “viadellafucina” (forge street) is borrowed from the ancient name of Via La Salle, where kaninchen-haus established, and where a forge once stood.

Viadellafucina is proposed to be at the same time a place of past and future, a bridge between the city, the neighborhood and the outside world, between local and global.

The project actively involves numerous organizations working in the area, including: a.titolo, Artegiovane, PAV Parco Arte Vivente, TAG Turin Art Galleries, Fuoridipalazzo, The Gate, Paralleli Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord-Ovest,¬†Pi√Ļconzero, and with the Patronage of Gai Giovani Artisti Italiani, Regione Piemonte, Comune di Torino, Circoscrizione 7 Aurora Vanchiglia Sassi Madonna del Pilone

integration devices


The call is open to pairs of artists (“twins”) – specifically established to participate to viadellafucina open call- composed of an artist working in Turin and a ‚Äúforeign‚ÄĚ artist, who wish to undertake a period of cooperation aimed at achieving a common project that has as the central theme the area of Porta Palazzo.¬†Therefore can be both an artist from Turin to invite a foreign ‚Äútwin‚ÄĚ partner as well as the reverse.

Thanks to the mechanism of twinning the “alien” artists not only meet a partner with whom to develop a work but also a kind of mentor who will facilitate their integration in the region.


Another opportunity that viadellafucina AIR offers to selected artists will consist in the possibility of seeing their project “adopted” by a local collector. ¬†Artegiovane – Association of Contemporary Art Lovers and collectors – adheres to the residency program and undertakes to encourage its members to participate in the production of one or more projects.

Porta Palazzo, a common laboratory

The activities of viadellafucina do not revolve around a single location, but use of the whole neighborhood of Porta Palazzo as a home/workshop. The artists will stay in different B & B’s within walking distance of each other, but spread throughout the neighborhood, so as to facilitate integration with the local population. In addition, through collaboration with various organizations working on the neighborhood, the artists have access to shared spaces to be used as workshop, kitchen and to set up the final group show. There will also be agreements with local traditional restaurants of the neighborhood.

activities and program

During the period of stay, residents will have the opportunity to develop and discuss their projects with curators and other entities operating in the area, establish new relationships, meet experts and artists working in similar fields.

The pairs of artists will be supported by the viadellafucina staff in the elaboration, development and implementation of projects  and will meet other artists and institutions that have developed projects on the relationship between art and territory. The progress of individual projects will be presented periodically in a private studio visits and public events in order to share and demonstrate to curators, gallery owners, the press corps as well as partner institutions and other cultural workers (local and visiting) the work carried out.

At the end of the period of residence, a group show and a catalog will document the outcome of projects.

The pairs of selected artists will also be asked to keep a diary that documents the process of cooperation, and they will be encouraged to organize any workshops that may involve the local population of Porta Palazzo or other entities.


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viadellafucina A.I.R.

call for artists – 1 ^ edition

Application deadline: June 10th, 2012.

applications online only

Kaninchen-haus – within the programme Generazione Creativa of Compagnia di San Paolo – promotes the international open call viadellafucina artist-in-residency 2012.

  1. ¬†Requirements. The contest is open to pairs of artists specifically formed (active in all areas of contemporary art) by an artist from Torino and a foreign artist (i.e. not operating in Torino) wishing to collaborate on a shared project on the Porta Palazzo area through a cooperative agreement or ‚Äútwinning‚ÄĚ.
  2. Place of residence. The historical area of Porta Palazzo defines the headquarter of the residence. Porta Palazzo will offer not only the platform where artists can live and work, but it will also be the thematic center of their interventions, to be developed through the creation of works inspired by the history or emblematic places of the district, site-specific intervention, projects involving the population, etc.
  3. Period of residence.  from  September 15th to November 15th, 2012.
  4. Program / Activities / Events. 
    • program of public meetings and studio visits with curators, experts and artists working in similar fields, institutions that have developed projects on the relationship between art and territory, gallery owners, press operators, government partners and other cultural workers.
    • advice from a resident curator for the development and production of the project.
    • possibilities for guest artists to organize a workshop involving the people of Porta Palazzo
    • compilation of a diary, by the individual pairs of artists, that records the collaboration process
    • final exhibition
    • catalogue
  5. Benefits
    • accommodation for foreign artists during the residency
    • a defined budget intended for the production of the art project
    • common areas for artistic workshop purposes, cooking, etc.
    • agreements with several restaurants of the area and other local services.Anything not explicitly stated shall be borne by the candidates.
  6. Documentation requirements and deadlines.¬†Application form, completed in full and signed by both members of the pairing, including:Curriculum vitae –¬†Artist statement –¬†Documentation of activities and earlier works –¬†the project to be developed during the residency –¬†motivation letter –¬†A photocopy of a valid ID document. All documents must be submitted in pdf only via e-mail (see application form) ¬†within June 10th, 2012.The winners will be contacted privately and announced on the website.
  7. Commission and the selection criteria.For each application received the following will be examined: the value and relevance of the specific project, the documentation on previous projects.The selection committee will be composed of representatives of partner organizations whose names will be announced on the site after the selection. [/toggle]

Download the application form.

To develop your specific project consult our guide to Porta Palazzo.

For further informations or questions post a comment using the form below.

Deadline: June 10th.


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